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It's all about you image.


What makes us different image.

It was 40+ years ago when we set out to build a company that focused solely on delivering great contributions for the betterment of others beginning first with reader experiences in the realm of publishing. We couldn't rely on the business modeling legacy of past successes as the basis for our new company. Instead, we challenged the conventional formula and created a new approach and process, setting the standards for others to follow.

We have been dedicated to advancing work on the convergence of product development with marketing of innovative educational and consumer-based products. In working toward this goal we provide an unbiased and credible method of accurate product recognition. This is accomplished by use of The Toy Man® Seal of Approval validation, and exclusive awards in addition to multiple other ongoing services we provide.

With every advancement we achieve, it is a contribution to the betterment of others, the very foundation of what we are all about.

In essence...It's all about YOU!

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Image About Our Mission

In short summary, our primary mission is to deliver the detailed, well studied, lengthy, and carefully studied product evaluations which buyers and consumers are looking for. We must remain open to suggestions and opinions, never shirking our responsibility to ourselves and the public in maintaining a the very best in our evaluation process. 

We will be in constant vigil to ensure we provide more than just product & services evaluations.  It is our intent to deliver an exclusive source of information and services to others that will assist in the betterment of their lives and/or business.

The Toy Man® Product Guide is not designed or intended to be competitive. We firmly believe in equal opportunity, yet we are proud to say that our publication is exclusive in its content and business model.


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As you will begin to see repeatedly, we want to emphasize the fact that It's All About You!  Without YOU, we don't have a business thus it is of the highest priority for us to serve you effectively.

The outstanding group of professionals shown below, are our primary and/or advisory board staff. These people are the primary elements responsible for the globally recognized services which we provide.  True dedication to the betterment of others by a joining of our skills together enables us to make a greater difference in the lives of others.

By clicking on one of the images or hyper-links below, you can learn more about each of person and view their personal bios. Over the next few weeks we will be adding additional staff bios for more of our staff, each with their own unique specialty skill set to serve you.

( PLEASE NOTE: Many of our active staff both stateside and International, prefer privacy and do not desire to have their names being public information. Their support of our efforts is because theyare dedicated to their work and do it enjoy what they are doing.  Their work is all volunteer basis. )

Adminstration Staff

  Image of Dr. Natalie Saunders Image of Tom Dickson from Blendtec
Rev. James Grey Wolf Dr. Natalie Saunders Tom Dickson

    Image of  Rev. C.H. Oliver
  Rev. C. H. Oliver G. Poratelli


Editorial Staff

  Image of Emalie Hastings - Press Coordinator | Consumer Support   Image of Jasmine Tyler - Assistant Press Coordinator  
Rev. James Grey Wolf Emalie Hasting
Jasmine Tyler
Press Communications
Paul Miller
New Product Trends

Contributing Editors

Our contributing editors are not actually on staff with The Toy Man® News & Reviews yet play an active part in much of the informative articles we provide for your perusal. (These persons no longer write articles for this publication but their articles are still available for reading.)

Image of Dr. Sarah Itzhaki.   Image of Dr. Caron Goode, NCC, DAPA   Image of Deborah McNelis
Dr. Sarah Itzhaki Dr. Caron B. Goode   Marlaine Cover

Contributing Editors

Image of  Rev. C.H. Oliver   Image of Tom Dickson from Blendtec    
Rev. C. H. Oliver Tom Dickson Sandi Washer Private

Private Private Private Private

Image of Märie Gläser - Wii, PS3, XBox, PC and Mobile Platform Evaluation   Image of Dr. Sarah Itzhaki.        
Marie Gläser Dr. Sarah Itzhaki    


Contributing Editors

Image of Dean Nielson, our technical operations specialist.          
Dean Nielson Private    


Contributing Editors

G. Poratelli Private Private  

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At The Toy Man Product Guide we take the famous statement "For every action there is a reaction." quite seriously. Our team established the fact that with the many divisions we have of the company ranging from Apparel to Video Games & Accesories, having just one advisory board does not enable us to address the needs of those we serve in each of these categories effectively.

It is important to realize that every action we take determines the reaction that will come from it. This inspired us to adopt the idea of multiple advisory boards, each more specialized and defined.

We are proud to announce that we are currently structuring an Advisory Board for each of the following categories:

Each of the advisory board members will have a strong background in the specific category in the same category as that of the advisory board they are a part of. 

NOTE: If you are interested in being considered to be a part of one of one of these advisory boards, please use our contact form and provide the following information;

    - Your name - Specific advisory board category of interest
    - Qualifications to warrant your being considered
    - The motivating reason that drives you to be considered
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An image of the Triad Project text.

With the diverse group of services we offer, Retailers, Distributors, & Product Developers don't have time to try and disseminate what services we provide are applicable to them, if any at all.  To help alleviate that issue, we are currently working on dedicated password protected sections which will be exclusive to the specific to retail, distributors, and product developers.

In each section there will be details about our publication and services, clearly defining how they can be put to most effective use for the the specific to a retailer, distributor, or product developer.  No extra trash to have to read which is not applicable to the needs of the reader.

An added plus to this is that there will be special features available which are exclusive to each specific section; (ie; Retailer, Distributor, Product Developer).

Example: Distributors have a "special offer" any given month where if a retail store purchases (x) amount of cases of product, they will get a free display stand, sample, or some other item designated.  This offer can be posted in the retail section which is exclusive to registered retailers to login and see the latest specials.

You know you can't resist it...

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