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The Toy Man Product Guide - Induction Policy


Product Induction Policies and Procedures

If a product or service is inducted, the following rules for promotional use of the Seal of Approval or any other seals and award(s) will apply;

  • TWO sample products are required for evaluation.

  • A product or service is received, tested / reviewed, inducted and induction notification published into The Toy Man® News & Reviews for NO COST and with NO PREJUDGEMENT.

  • Information in reference to any product or service which fails our testing and evaluation will NOT be provided for public view.  It is provided for the company which submitted the product only. 

  • The results from the evaluation will include specific details of why it failed and what must be done to bring the product or service to a level to meet our standards to qualify for induction and must be re-submitted for evaluation once those changes have been made.
  • If the company which submitted the product/service desires to use the Seal of Approval and any award(s) in ANY manner, an OPTIONAL licensing fee of $150 USD for the first year of licensing is required.  Renewal of licensing is based upon a $25.00 USD annual rate after first year of induction certification.

  • This licensing applies to unlimited usage of the seal until expiration. Award(s) are free with unlimited use yet can only be used with a licensed copy of the Seal of Approval.
  • Provision for recording certification of independent lab testing for a product is available and is OPTIONAL at this timeThis form is based on an honor system, but if the independent lab testing information is provided, the inducted product or service analysis summary will note the independent testing laboratory and corresponding reference designation as confirmed, not just designated on the form.

  • Proof of independent lab testing can be provided via;

    • A scanned copy of the original certification report from the lab testing OR
    • The URL to an online verification from the independent testing lab who performed the testing of the product.
    • The URL to the independent testing lab who performed the testing of the product and the reference designation corresponding to the product test results.

  • The seal and any award(s) must have the year of issue showing beneath the seal and any award(s).

  • Whether or not the licensing option is chosen, the seal, and any award(s) received will will be published and remain published in this publication indefinitely.

  • All awards are to be assigned with no form of charge to ensure no inflection of bias.

  • A unique Induction Certificate Number (ICN) and expiration date is assigned to each product or service when it is inducted. The ICN number helps buyers be aware of product licensing being expired.

  • If any upgrade or changes are made to the product, the new product must be submitted for new certification approval.


* LeadSafe, PhthalatesSafe, and BPASafe Certifiication program information will be avaiulable soon.

* For companies with mass volume of product offerings, we have a VIP program with reduced rates and streamlined process for high volume product submissions.  For further information, please contact us directly for more details.

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