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Our product evaluation process is completed by in-house staff, and independent qualified industry professionals to ensure nothing but the very best in accuracy and consistency in the product evaluation results. This includes random public hands-on evaluation, independent evaluator reports, analysis of functionality and psychological response results in addition to multiple other evaluation elements which are exclusive to our product evaluations.  

Due to this extensive evaluation procedure, evaluation and testing is generally completed within a MAXIMUM of 30 business days following reception of product. This is depending upon complexity and/or type of design of product / service, and number of items under evaluation at the time of your product reception.

*Samples can be submitted for evaluation and fall under two different groups;

  • Products which are in final form but packaging or other details are not yet finalized.
  • Products which are being submitted for our evaluation only to get suggestions for improvements.

These samples do not fall under our normal evaluation time periods and are subject to delay pending on volume of products under evaluation at that particular time. 

Post Induction Procedures

Publishing of evaluation report summary is generally completed within a MAXIMUM of 30 business days following reception of licensing payment. 

* Limited exceptions to this can occur due to the volume of information contained in the evaluation reports for same product or online service.

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